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Underfloor Vehicle Bogie Machine Vision System

LAC Dismounted Wheelset Ultrasonic Testing system is installed in the wheelset heavy maintenance workshop. The combination of advanced phased array ultrasonic and conventional ultrasonic testing technology is applied for detecting cracks in the wheel and axle. Three kinds of inspection configuration, wheel or axle inspection only, or at the same time, could be suitable for different requirements and is easy for functional upgrading later. With periodic ultrasonic testing with LAC system, wheelset maintenance quality could be well controlled. It is suitable for all kinds of vehicles including EMUs, locomotives, passenger, and freight rolling stocks, and metros. 

Functional Description

● Wheel and axle crack ultrasonic testing 
● Heavy maintenance workshop application 
● Phased array ultrasonic testing 
● Suitable for different types of the wheelset 

Technical Specifications

● Inspection time: ≤ 5min/wheelset 
● Ultrasonic probe sensitivity: ≥ Ф2mm FBH 
● Flaw detection ability: 
         Wheel rim: ≥ Ф3mm×100mm SDH 
         Axle transverse crack depth: ≥ 1mm depth 
         Full axle penetrating for material checking

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