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LPT Underfloor Vehicle Bogie Machine

LPT Underfloor Vehicle Bogie Machine Vision System is installed in the work pit of maintenance depots, adopting 3D deep earning image processing technology, machine vision technology, intelligent robot technology, wireless transmission technology, and flexible scheduling technology to automatically realize the inspection of vehicles under vehicle panoramic fast scan inspection and bogie key components fine scan inspection. It is suitable for all kinds of vehicles including high-speed trains, locomotives, and metros. 

Functional Description

● Fast image scanning of the vehicle floor. 
● Multi-angle inspection of key components of vehicle bottom. 
● Measurement of key parameters of the underbody. 
● Vehicle side fast image scanning 
● Multi pit flexible self-scheduling. 

Technical Specifications

● Bottom inspection time cost: 45 min / 8 vehicle units. 
● Detection efficiency: <15 minutes / locomotive, 40~45 minutes / short marshalling. 
● Bolt detection capability: loss detection (M5 and above), looseness detection (≥ 3mm). 
● Detection rate: > 95%

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