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Wheel-set Fluorescent Magnetic Particle Inspection System

The wheel-set fluorescent magnetic particle inspection system is used for magnetization inspection for the outer surface of the axle, wheel disc, hubs, etc. It is mainly composed of a rack, spray mechanism, feeding and discharging device, rotating supporting wheel device, double-row comb-tooth electrode device, ultraviolet lamp, LED cold light source, etc.. It is suitable for magnetic particle inspection of railway wheel-set

Functional Description

● Adopt double-row comb-shaped vertical lift open and close coil, with High sensitivity, uniform magnetization, and no dead zone.
● The demagnetization adopts the half-wave bell attenuation technology,  the remanence is stable and reliable.
● Adopt an energy-saving and environmentally friendly LED cold light source, with low power consumption and long service life.
● Automatic alarming.

Technical Specifications

●   Axial magnetizing current: 0-3000A, Adjustable 
●   Longitudinal magnetization potential: 0-24000AN, adjustable
●   The magnetization time:1-3 s
●   Insulation resistance of the whole machine: ≥2MΩ
●   Demagnetization effect: ≤0.3 mT(3Gs)

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