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Trackside Brake Pad Condition Monitor System

Trackside Brake Pad Condition Monitor System, installed at the entrance line where trains pass by, automatically captures the vehicle bottom images which contain brakes. Based on AI-drive technology, the brake area is recognized and the thickness is precisely measured. Besides wear measuring, brake condition, such as loss of brake pad, is also detectable. With the data mining software of this module, the residual life mileage of each specific brake pad can be predicted. It is suitable for all kinds of vehicles including high-speed trains, locomotives, passenger, and freight rolling stocks, and metros. 

Functional Description

● Automatically measuring the wear of the wheel brake, monitoring the loss of the wheel brake. 
● Automatically measuring the wear of current collector shoes. 
● Prediction of the minimum thickness value of the wheel brake and its position (optional). 
● Automatic popup alarming of over-threshold findings and offering comparison and analysis based on historical data. 
● Manual checking and confirming of each finding to issue further action. 

Technical Specifications

● Monitoring accuracy of residual wear: ±1mm. 
● Prediction accuracy of eccentric wear: ±2mm 
● Train passing-by speed during monitoring: 3-15km/h.

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