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Pantograph and Roof State Dynamic Inspection System

SJ pantograph and roof state dynamic inspection system is installed on the vehicle entrance line of depot, which adopts high-speed, high-resolution, 3D inspection and non-contact image processing measurement technology to achieve dynamic automatic detection of key characteristic parameters, and visualization observation of the state of foreign objects and key components on the roof of the vehicle. The system is widely applied to high-speed train, locomotive, passenger and freight rolling stocks and metros.

Functional Description

● Dynamic non-contact image measurement technology 
● The system provides no stopping, unattended, dynamic automatic detection 
● Wear, centerline offset and working pressure inspection

Technical Specifications

● Skateboard wear detection accuracy: ±0.5mm 
● Pantograph centerline deviation detection accuracy: ±3mm 
● Pantograph working position contact pressure detection accuracy: ±3N 
● Sliding plate effective detection length: 1000mm

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