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In-service Wheel Ultrasonic Testing

LU In-Service Wheel Ultrasonic Testing System is installed on the inspection line of highspeed trains, locomotives, rolling stocks, and metros light maintenance depots. Based on the combined utilization of phased array and conventional ultrasonic inspection technology and robotic technology, defects in wheel flange, wheel rim, and wheel disk are automatically and efficiently inspected when wheelsets are mounted on the train. 

Functional Description

● Automatic inspecting fatigue defects and volume defects in wheel flange/rim/disk. 
● Auto-alerting for defects out of limits. 
● Automatic lifting & rotating for wheelsets. 
● Automatic positioning for ultrasonic probes on the wheels. 
● Real-time monitoring of ultrasonic coupling conditions. 

Technical Specifications

● Wheel diameter: 750mm ~ 1250mm 
● Inspection time: 8min/wheelset (including preparation time) 
● Defects to be detected (customizable): 
         Wheel rim: ≥ 2mm FBH 
         Wheel disk: ≥ 3mm SDHn

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