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Tandem Underfloor Wheel Lathe

The Tandem Underfloor wheel lathe is suitable for CRH series EMU and existing passenger trains, under the condition of no disassembly, the wheelset flange tread repair, and also suitable for a single wheelset flange tread repair. The Tandem Underfloor wheel lathe meets the re-profiling of four rim treads (two wheelsets) of one bogie.

Functional Description

● It has the function of re-profiling the wheels of various types of railways and various types of EMUs and existing passenger cars without disassembly of the wheelset.
●  It has the function of processing two wheelsets with the same bogie at the same time.
●  It is applicable to all types of CRH EMUs and existing passenger cars and freight cars, realizing the automatic re-profiling of wheel flange tread without disassembly of the wheelset, as well as the automatic re-profiling of the flange tread of a single wheelset. 
●  It can not only process two wheel sets of various types of trains without dismantling, but also can process two wheel sets of the same bogie at the same time, and can also process two disassembled wheel sets at the same time
●  It has an automatic measurement of full-size parameters before and after wheel machining. The lathe is equipped with an automatic measuring device, before the wheelset is machined, the wheel diameter of each wheelset in the same vehicle can be measured, and the turning process can be selected and optimized to make the wheel diameter difference meet the limit requirements of the operating regulations. Automatic measurement parameters include wheel diameter, the distance between backs of wheel flanges, tread profile, radial runout function, axial play, wheel flange thickness, wheel flange height, QR value, equivalent conicity, tread radial runout, wheel polygon, etc.
●  Economic re-profiling function.
●  With the precision calibration function.
●  With safety protection and working environment guarantee function.
●  With the function of lathe fault self-diagnosis and related information display.
●  It has the function of network data exchange and has the interface to connect with the information management system.

Technical Specifications

● Working temperature: 0℃ ~45℃
●  Relative humidity: not more than 95%
●  Rated power              ≤ 200 kW
●  Working power supply     380V±10% ,50±1Hz  AC(Power)220V±10% ,50±1Hz  AC(Others) 
●  Machining efficiency (Calculated by 2 cuts and 2 measurements): ≤ 40 min/ Bogie (double axles)
●  Single tool machining time: ≤ 12min 
●  Maximum cutting depth (single tool) : ≥ 5mm
●  Full-size measurement time:≤ 2.5min
●  Machining range of wheelset:
●  Track gauge              Standard Gauge 
●  Diameter of wheel         750~1300mm
●  Rim width               120~155mm
●  Applicable vehicle wheelbase range  2200~3500mm
●  Axle load              ≤ 25 ton
●  Machining accuracy:
●  Satisfy within each calibration period
●  Maximum difference of wheel diameter of the same axle: ≤ 0.15mm
●  Maximum difference of wheel diameter of the same bogie: ≤ 0.30mm
●  Radial run-out                 ≤ 0.10 mm
●  Geometric deviation of the tread contour: ≤ 0.20mm
●  Surface roughness for contour machining (Ra) ≤ 12.5 μm
●  Wheel polygon       Low-order maximum peak   20dB(0.01mm) High-order maximum peak of  0dB (0.001mm)
●  Measure system accuracy
●  Equivalent conicity (relative to equivalent conicity standard wheel) ≤ 5%
●  Radiation measurement accuracy   ≤ 0.05mm
●  Wheel polygon             High and low order of polygons peak order is consistent
●  Wheel diameter measurement accuracy  ≤ 0.1mm
●  Inside distance measurement accuracy   ≤ 0.2mm
●  End face runout measurement accuracy  ≤ 0.05mm

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