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Hollow Axle Ultrasonic Testing

LHZ Hollow Axle Ultrasonic Testing System is used for inspecting hollow axle of highspeed trains, locomotives, and rolling stocks. LHZ system adopts advanced non-contact oil immersion ultrasonic inspection technology and round-trip spiral inspection mode to inspect outside surface fatigue defects and bulk defects in the hollow axle. It is available to inspect all types of hollow axles. It is suitable for all kinds of vehicles including EMUs, locomotives. 

Functional Description

● Automatic inspecting outside-surface fatigue defects and bulk defects in the hollow axle. 
● Automatic supplying and recycling coupling. 
● Automatic monitoring and alerting ultrasonic coupling conditions. 
● Automatic generating defect reports and drawing defect distribution diagrams. 
● Inspection pole is able to start partial inspection in any position of the axle. 

Technical Specifications

● Inspection time: ≤ 7min/axle 
● Adapted length of axle: ≤ 3000mm 
● Adapted diameter of axle hole: 30 ~110mm 
● Inspection spiral distance: adjustable, 1~5mm 
● Positioning accuracy: ±2mm in axial direction, ±2° in circumferential direction

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