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High-Speed Rail Flaw Detection Vehicle

GGTS high-speed phased array rail flaw detection vehicle adopts fast phased array ultrasonic technology, pulley carrier trolley and deep learning technology, to realize detecting the rail internal defect at the detection speed of 80km/h, and carry out intelligent alarming, automatic positioning, feature parameter extraction and automatic reporting for over-limit defects. It is suitable for 43kg/m, 50kg/m, 60kg/m, 75kg/m and other rail type detection.

Functional Description

●  Rail internal defect detection
●  Automatic adaption to different rail types without replacing probes 
●  Automatic alerting, grading, positioning, and reporting
●  Comparative analysis of historical data
● Fast-phased array ultrasonic technology
●  Automatic high-speed auxiliary centering system 

Technical Specifications

●  Maximum detection speed: ≥ 80km/h
●  Defect detection rate:≥ 90%
●  Defect false positive rate:≤10%
●  Automatic positioning accuracy: error≤±1m

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