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Phased Array Ultrasonic Weld Flaw Detector

GWTS phased array rail weld flaw detector combines the phased array ultrasonic technology with conventional ultrasonic technology, adopts the hand-push + semi-automatic scanning method, which can realize the standardized probe scan and full coverage detection of weld area, and carry out an automatic alarm for over-limit defects and comprehensive display with A/B/C/S scan.

Functional Description

●  Full coverage detection of rail weld
●  Automatic coupling, Reserve interface of manual detection 
●  Automatic alerting and reporting
●  Display with A/BC/S scan and profile
●  Compatible with rail internal defect detection
●  Adapt to different on-site working conditions such as fasteners, turnouts
●  Phased array ultrasonic technology

Technical Specifications

●  Single weld inspection time: ≤6 minutes
●  Signal-to-noise ratio: ≥12db
●  Endurance: ≥4h

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