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Port Wheel Lathe Machine

CSK8015/8011-[CNC] CNC wheel lathe is suitable for the CNC machining and repairing of the wheel sets of various types of vehicles (EMUs, subway trains, urban rail vehicles) with a gauge of 1435 mm after the wheel sets are dropped. Including machining and repairing of wheel tread, wheel flange, inner rim surface, an axle-mounted brake disc (inner/outer side), wheel-mounted brake disc (inner/outer side), and it has functions of automatic detection and measurement of wheel size, Measurement data transmission, and printing.

Functional Description

● The wheel lathe has the function of automatic wheelset size measurement before and after the wheelset machining, which can automatically measure the wheelset diameter, wheel flange thickness, wheel flange height, tread profile shape, wheel flange width, radial runout of the tread rolling circle, wheelset inner distance, the axial runout of the inner end face of the rim, QR values, etc.; The measurement data is automatically saved, exported, and uploaded by the CNC system.
● The wheelset drive mode of CSK8015/8011-CNC wheel lathe adopts of friction transmission
● It has safety protection and working environment protection function.
● It has a self-diagnosis of machine failure and related information display function.
● The wheel lathe adopts a through-type structure and a double tool holder machining method.
● The lathe is also equipped with a wheel stop device for the wheelset to enter the machine tool and a wheeling (pushing wheel) mechanism for the wheelset to roll out of the machine tool.

Technical Specifications

●   Track gauge                                       1435mm or customized
●   Machining diameter range of tread                     600~1100mm
●   Range of wheel set shaft length                        1900~2610mm
●   Machining width of wheelset                          90~160mm
●   Maximum allowable weight of wheelset                 5000 kgs
●   Maximum cutting depth                              ≤7mm
●   Machine tool productivity: single-tool machining time      ≤18
●   The cutting speed is infinitely variable adjustment
●   Spindle speed series                                Infinite speed variation
●   Rotation speed of wheelset machining                  14~30 r/min
●   Tool holder feed series                              Stepless
●   Tool holder feed range                    X- Axis 0.5 - 2 mm/r  Z- Axis 0.5 - 2mm/r
●   Tool holder moving speed                 X -Axis 1000mm/min  Z - Axis 1000mm/min
●   Tool holder horizontal (Z direction) maximum stroke     650mm
●   Tool post horizontal (X direction) maximum stroke      380mm
●   Profile turning accuracy
●   Wheel diameter difference on the same axle            ≤ 0.10mm
●   Radial runout                                    ≤ 0.15mm
●   Geometric deviation of the tread profile               ≤ 0.10mm
●   Tread profile machining surface roughness(Ra)         ≤6.3µm      
●   Max noise level of the machine operating              80dB    
●   Voltage                                         380V+10%-6%   220V+10%-6%
●   Frequency                                      50±1Hz AC
●   Power                                          100Kw

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