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LONTRON is a world-recognized manufacturer and seller of wheelset lathes and equipment and machines primarily used for the maintenance of urban rail stations and railway repair shops. The products are widely used in all kinds of subway electric passenger cars, modern trams, rail engineering vehicles (such as diesel locomotives, rail grinding cars, catenary vehicles), high and low speed EMUs, railway locomotives, railway passenger cars and other vehicles.
The company focuses its activity in the supply of turnkey solutions for the manufacturing and maintenance of railways rolling stock.
It gathers extensive experience and qualifications in the rendering of services such as engineering services, equipment integration, complex project management and collaboration with the customer all along the life of the project. 

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The company participated in the formulation of the railway industry standard of the People's Republic of China TB/T3136-2006 "Technical Conditions for Locomotive Rolling Lathes", TB/T3195-2008 "Technical Conditions for Railway CNC Wheel Lathes", and China Railway Corporation TJ/JW113-2018 "Technical Conditions" "Temporary Technical Conditions for Locomotive Numerically Controlled Wheel Lathes"
The company has a high level of expertise in the following areas: underfloor wheel lathes, portal wheel lathes, above floor wheel lathe, vertical lathes and other test and measurement equipment that we design and manufacture specifically for the railway industry. The company has become a professional and reliable supplier that meets the expectations of even the most demanding customers.
We are ISO 9001\ISO14001 and ISO 45001 certified, this further ensures the highest quality service to our customers.
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Technologies, Performance Reliability. These are the 3 resources and skills that make Lonton a leader among manufacturers of machines for the railway sector.

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