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Low Track Force Bogie

The bogie is a three-piece casting bogie improved. Its main feature is as below, 

  • A primary rubber pad is added between the side frame and adaptor to decrease the unsprung mass, accordingly to decrease dynamical forces between the wheel and track.
  • A cross-bars connection is added between side frames to improve critical hunting speed.
  • Environmental friendly, low noise, low wheel-track wear.

Main Performance Parameter

  • Axle Load            23/25 Tons
  • Track Gauge          1000mm, 1067mm,1435mm,1520mm,1676mm
  • Design Speed         120 km/h
  • Max. Running Speed   100 km/h
  • Min. Radius curvature negotiable  100m


● Experienced in Australian railway.
● Axle-load and track gauge can be specified by the customer.

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