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Above Floor Wheel Lathe Machine

It is suitable for the repair of railway freight wagons with a gauge of 1435mm in the wagon stations. Carry out automatic cutting profiling processing repair for the wheelset rim and tread shape of RD, RE, and RF-type wheel set without dismantling the front cover of the bearings.

Functional Description

● It has the functions of automatic detection and numerical control profiling processing of RD, RE, and RF truck wheel axle rim tread contours. 
● The machine tool is installed in a dedicated car-passing track workshop, and no special lifting equipment for wheelset processing is required. The machine tool is equipped with wheelset processing entry and exit tracks to connect to the workshop track, so that the processing wheels need to be automatically entered and exited the processing position of the machine tool through the workshop track. 
● The machine tool has the function of automatically cutting and profiling the wheel-set rim and tread surface without disassembling the front cover of the wheel-set bearing, and can maintain the original state of the bearing caps at both ends of the wheel-set. 
● The machine tool adopts the fixed positioning of the outer ring of the bearing housing, and the automatic positioning technology structure of the inner side of the wheelset. 
It has sufficient mechanical strength and mechanical properties to fully control the axial direction of the wheelset during cutting and profiling. It is fixed with no movement in the radial direction to ensure the machining accuracy and efficiency of the wheel set. 
● The machine tool has the function of controlling the change of cutting force in the radial and axial directions of the wheelset and compensation. It can control the pressure of the bearing outer ring compression device of the single wheel on its own axle load, which can not only ensure the balance and stability of the wheelset machining, but also ensure that the wheelset bearing and the bearing jacket are fully protected. 
● The main drive of the machine tool adopts AC frequency conversion technology, which has automatic monitoring and compensated stepless speed regulation function. 
● The machine tool adopts the AC servo numerical control (CNC) system with strong anti-interference ability and advanced technology to control the machine tool, and automatically complete the automatic machining and profiling of the wheel set rim and tread, as well as the cutting and profiling of the left and right wheels at the same time.
● The main drive of the machine tool adopts the power friction roller to drive the wheel set tread rotation with the axle box to complete the machining and cutting profiling of the wheel set.
● The electrical control of the machine tool adopts a programmable logic controller (PLC) to control the main drive system of the machine tool, the automatic wheel alignment device, the hydraulic system of the machine tool and the automatic lubrication system. 
● Wheelset machining has full automatic control and manual control functions. 
● The equipment has an automatic detection function. It can automatically measure the distance between two wheels on the wheel set. Wheel diameter, rim height, rim thickness and contour wear.
● The equipment has automatic wheel speed monitoring and anti-skid compensation functions, and can automatically adjust the cutting speed. 
● The equipment has axles, bearings, and protection functions. 
● The machine tool is equipped with wheelset inlet and exit track system, with automatic positioning, loading and unloading functions. 
● It has systematic and perfect safety protection and alarm functions.
● It has data storage, recording and printer output functions; It has an interface for data communication with the HMIS system.
● It has automatic fault diagnosis, display, query and alarm functions. 
● It has the functions of automatic collection, crushing and discharge of iron chips, the iron chips are automatically transported to the ground through the sealed channel.
● The adjustment and correction function of the machine tool. 
● With automatic lubrication function or pollution-free manual lubrication function. 
● The machine tool has the function of automatically setting and controlling the shape type of the cutting profile wheel set according to the user's needs.
● The machine tool has the functions of emergency stop, rapid tool withdrawal, reset, electrical fault self-diagnosis, and safety warning. 
● The cutting tool of the machine tool adopts non-re-grinding mechanical clamping tool, and has the function of preventing cutting splash and iron chips collection.

Technical Specifications

●  Applicable environment
          Applicable temperature: indoor -20℃~+50℃.
          Relative humidity: 95%.
          Altitude: ≤3700m.
●  Technical Parameters
●  Gauge: 1435mm.
●  Wheelset diameter processing range:  φ650mm~φ1100mm.
●  Wheelset processing width:  85mm~145mm.
●  The center distance of wheelset axle box:  1600mm~2350mm.
●  Maximum cutting depth: 8mm.
●  Cutting speed: 5~150m/min (steplessly adjustable).
●  Cutting feed rate: 0.5~2.5mm/r.
●  One-time cutting time for wheelset machining:  ≤30min.
●  The pressure of the truck wheel on the outer ring of the bearing:  ≤3000kgf
●  The work accuracy inspection conforms to the TB/T3195-2008 "Railway CNC Wheel Lathe" standard.
●  Wheel profile shape error:  ≤0.2mm
●  Roundness error of rolling circle:  ≤0.2mm
●  Diameter deviation of two wheels on the same wheel set assembly:  ≤0.2mm
●  End face runout of the inner plane:  ≤0.2mm
●  Radial runout of wheel tread:  ≤0.2mm
●  Surface roughness of wheel tread:  Ra ≤12.5μm
●  Main drive
●  The speed of the main drive: Stepless adjustable frequency conversion.
●  Friction wheel spindle drive range: ≤100r/min Steplessly adjustable
●  Wheelset axial movement device
●  Number of axial shifting rollers: 2
●  Control stroke: 50mm~100mm
●  Motor
●  Main motor type: AC frequency conversion
●  Quantity: 2 units
●  Power: 15kW
●  Speed: 1500r/min (50Hz)
●  Frequency: 5~75Hz
●  Number of CNC AC Servo Motors: 4
●  Torque: 10.5N·m
●  Number of hydraulic oil pump motors: 2
●  Power: 5.5kW
●  Synchronous speed: 1000r/min
●  Number of automatic lubrication motors for machine tools: 1
●  Power: 1.1kW
●  Synchronous speed: 1000r/min
●  CNC profiling system: double X, Z coordinates; 2 sets of 4 coordinates
●  Machine tool electrical control system: PLC control; 1 set.
●  Other
●  External dimensions of the machine tool (length×width×height): 5300mm×2400mm×2000mm
●  Total weight of the machine tool: 25000kg

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