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Flat Wagon

The dimensions of the railway container flat wagons designed and manufactured by our company conform to the ISO668 standard. Both ends of the wagon body adopt fixed locking devices, and the middle of the wagon body adopts push-pull flip-type locking devices. The push-pull flip locking device adopts the improved F-TR lock, which has good anti-empty container overturning performance and improves safety.

The container loading conditions can be designed and manufactured according to customer needs. The current international standard flat wagon size are 2TEU, 3TEU and 4TEU.

Main Performance Parameter


Tare Weight

Axle load

Load Capacity

Loading condition


16.6 T

23 T

75.4 T

1x40ft / 2x20ft / 1x48ft


18.519.4 T

23/25 T

75.580.6 T

3x20ft / 1x 20ft +1x40ft


2324 T

23/25 T

76 T

4x20ft / 2x40ft / 1x48ft

Bogie Type

Wheel Dia.

Air Brake


Track Gauge

LTF Bogie

840 mm

ABDX , Wabtec

E / F Upset


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