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Ultrasonic automatic detection system for solid axle

LZM ultrasonic automatic detection system for the solid axle of the train adopts advanced phased array ultrasonic flaw detection technology to automatically detect the defects of solid axle unloading groove, wheel seat, gear seat or brake disc, axle journal, and axle body under online state and has the functions of full axle sound transmission and penetration detection. It is suitable for ultrasonic flaw detection of solid axles of all types of harmonious locomotives, ordinary locomotives, passenger and freight cars, and power-concentrated EMUs. 

Functional Description

● Fatigue defects and volume defects detection for all kinds of a solid axle. 
● Adjustable rotating speed and direction of the scanner. 
● Movable and suitable for different kinds of working conditions.

Technical Specifications

● Inspection time: ≤ 2 minutes half axle. 
● Defects on reference axle: 
          Transverse defect on axle journal: ≥ 0.5mm depth (EDM notch). 
          Transverse defect on wheel seats with high possibility: ≥ 2mm depth. 
          Transverse defect on wheel seats with low possibility: ≥ 0.5mm depth. 
          Transverse defect on gear seats: ≥ 2mm depth. 
          Transverse defect on body: ≥ 3mm depth.

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