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Wheelset Failure Dynamic Detection System

LY wheelset failure dynamic detection system is installed on the entrance line of the depot and uses structured light projection image technology, high-precision displacement measurement technology, and ultrasonic flaw detection array to automatically detect wheel pair dimensions, tread scuffs, and internal wheel defects online and dynamically. It is suitable for all kinds of vehicles including high-speed trains, locomotives, passenger and freight rolling stocks, and metros. 

Functional Description

● Automatic detection of wheel dimensions: tread wear, wheel flange thickness, QR value, diameter, Back-to-back dimension, and equivalent conicity. 
● Wayside wheel crack detection. 
● Tread scratch detection. 

Technical Specifications

● Measurement ability 
           Tread wear: ±0.2mm 
           Wheel flange thickness: ±0.2 mm 
           Wheel diameter: ±0.5mm 
           QR: ±0.4mm 
           Back-to-back dimension: ±0.6mm 
           Equivalent conicity: ±0.03 

● Flaw detection ability 
           Wheel tread radial crack: 20mm(axle) × 3mm(radial) 
           Wheel rim: ≥ Ф3mm × 100mm SDH(axle direction)

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